Do you share a healthy relationship with YOURSELF????
    LET’s find out………….

  • 1) Are you staying in a relationship when you know that you are not being treated well?
  • 2) Do you have a tendency to give much more in a relationship than you receive?
  • 3) How many times you say sorry even when you know it was not your fault?
  • 4) Do you feel less appreciated at work for the kind of efforts you put in?
  • 5) Is adjustment & compromise the way of life for you?
  • 6) Do you feel scared to stand up for yourself in situations where you have been wronged?
  • If you answer ‘Yes’ to 3 & above questions, then Life coaching is for you.

"To inspire people to become the best version of themselves by tapping into their fullest potential".


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A note from Monika

Being born and brought up in an extremely stereotyped family, wherein from career to clothes, decisions used to be taken by men in the family, my desire to enter into the mystical world of healing & therapies remained a desire for many years until my entire system collapsed and I got in depression for doing things and pursuing career I had no interest in. I did not even realize that I started settling down for less and enter into unhealthy relationships which further did not let me reach my highest potential. It was then I put my foot down and stood up for my dreams and followed my inner more

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