About Monika

Life Coach in Delhi

Ms. Monika is working as a Life Coach who helps people reach their personal & professional goals faster and become the best version of themselves. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Handwriting Analyst, Tarot Card Reader & Reiki healer. She has also undergone certifications on New York Times Bestselling books “Crucial Conversations”, Art of handling difficult conversations and “Change Anything” Training program that offer techniques to change persistent negative habits and develop new & positive behaviors. All these healing modalities believed that our life was a reflection of our thoughts & belief systems. Only if we could change our thoughts, our reality would shift positively automatically.

Her Forte is training people to establish healthy relationship with the self by focusing on individuals, groups and then charting customized course of action. She has worked with many schools, colleges, Institutes & corporates such as Aristocrat Tech, Unitech, Ossim, NIMS, Technia, GITM Gurgaon etc and has designed various programs for different segments of society such as corporates, academia, women, couples and students.

Specialized Areas for Private Coaching:

  • Build Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Overcoming self sabotaging habits & behaviors
  • Gaining Emotional Strength
  • Overcome Toxic / Unhealthy Relationships
  • Developing new strengths and exploring new talents
  • Speaking up for Yourself
  • Goal Setting & Implementation
  • Belief Re-patterning
  • Developing Successful Behaviors
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Creating the life that you desire!


"I had the pleasure of sitting through one of Monika’s Holistic Training Sessions. It was highly engaging. While I was aware of the Law of Attraction, it was in this session that I connected a lot of my own experiences with what Monika was saying. Thanks to this session I attended, I was reminded of the power of visualisation, meditation and very simply, thinking positive. I have been using these techniques in my life ever since and have observed better things working out for me.

The confidence and zeal with which she delivers her sessions is clear evidence of her clarity of thought, and passion on the subject. A session like this always draws a lot of objections from the participants, which is what also happened at this session. She was calm through the questions and did not, at any point in the session, disappoint the participants by not addressing their doubts.

I recommend the program as being effective for individual growth, provided the attendees are open to looking beyond the physical."

Anusha Seth Business Consultant

Thanks for the detailed Handwriting Analysis that you did. I regularly practice Journaling as a therapy but your analysis took it to the next level. To change our external realities, we usually delve deeper inside us but hardly realize that even making shifts in external realities have equal impact, if not more. Your own confidence was getting reflected in your analysis and I've seen how it has worked for you as well. I'm glad that you helped me with this.

Continue helping more people, girl! You rock!

Preet JunejaIndependent Consultant

Because of Monika, I m experiencing the new journey of my life. Connecting with my inner soul and the EFT session has helped me a lot in handling the difficult situations at professional end and especially the feeling of being stuck.

Parul Verma

The best part of Monika’s sessions :

Customised sessions based on weaknesses and strengths.

You do not have to worry about taking notes; all negative (most important) and positive response are sent to you after each session.

It's fun learning from you; It always feel like friends while learning is full on.

Always with a smile.

Jaspal Arora GM, Corporate

I had completely lost my confidence after getting married because I had become just a house wife who was restricted to house hold chores but when I took Positive Self Talk Therapy from Monika, I saw a drastic change in my life in terms of developing positive attitude and I started looking at my qualities than disqualities all the time. This change in focus created an immense confidence and feel good factor in me.

Priya Nagpal Home Maker