Are you paying a very big price to maintain any relationship in your life when you know that the more you be with that person, the less you feel of yourself and in the pursuit of keeping that relation intact, you don’t mind sabotaging your career, ignoring your health, & spending lesser and lesser time with your loved ones.

    You might have punished yourself enough to be a part of it but the idea of feeling that temporarily happiness with that person pulls you back in it and once again you give yourself an excuse believing that this time it will be different. You know it from inside that it will happen again but have closed your eyes, so that you can not see the painful truth of that relation, as the idea of “LETTING GO” & be alone once again is so painful.

    If all of this sounds resonating & this feeling “I can’t stay with you & I can’t stay without you” dominates your relationship, then you are in a “TOXIC RELATIONSHIP”. In layman's language, a toxic relationship is that dysfunctional dance of love-hate bonding which keeps us from investing our energies elsewhere and offering our best selves to the world.

    If you still have not settled down for less and believe that you deserve to experience a much healthier relationship, call us to book an appointment with Monika.

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    Are you working really hard to be with a guy who makes the every opportunity to devalue you & the more he devalues you, the more you feel craved to be valued by him.

    Despite being the integral part of his life, you still can't question him about the hot girl in his latest whatsapp dp, who he was talking to @ 2 'o' clock at night and guess what he does not even accept that you are the integral part of his life, as his acceptance will give you the license to dissect his secretive life.

    He plays hot & cold with you to ensure that your entire energies stay hooked up in figuring out the mystery he has purposely created for you wherein he has kept his options open and does not mind crossing his boundaries as in when he wishes to.

    Imagining your beloved in someone else's arms can create massive pain but what rips your soul apart into pieces is his insensitive comment that you are insecured. His lame excuses, crazy lies and addictions make you insane but the idea of feeling his sensational lips make you live again and again your mind starts preparing you to go through that traumatic cycle once again.

    If all of this is happening with you, you are dating an Emotional Manipulator.!

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    You are 33 and you are not yet married. “Hooooo”. You are not married and you got a child. .“Hooooo”. You are married since 05 years and you still don’t have a child. “Hooooo”.

    Being born and brought up in an Indian middle class society, has never been easy for those women who liked to live their lives on their own terms and conditions.

    The girls who wear suits are more fitted in the society and the ones who don’t are called ungrounded and not so homely. I mean how can one’s clothes decide the size of one’s heart and the effection one holds for others in it. Acc. to them, a woman who does household chores makes houses and the one who does not, break houses. If you are seen with a glass of champaigne, for aunties in your neighbours, it will be difficult to get along, but for men it will be pleasure to get on bed along.

    If you work, then you are an ambitious woman and if you don’t work, then you are not an ambitious woman. Why ambition has to be correlated with work?

    And because of this stereotyped mentality, women have been programmed since childhood to suppress their needs and project a certain image which has been accepted by the society. Women who have managed to suppress their needs, get an approval from the society and learns to settle down for less and the woman who refused to follow that image, starts living a rebellious life which at some point in time tires them and they anyway start settling down for less to overcome those hurt feelings of being unaccepted.

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